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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Photo Phrenzy

Lounging in a beit shar (Bedouin tent) while a local puffs argila.

Laundry by hand.

The streets of Mafraq.

The intersection of the freeways to Iraq and Syria in Mafraq. Our village is on the Baghdad road.

A Badia-style gas station near our village.

Mansaf with the Ruweishid Women’s Society president and the regional governor. We visited the society as part of our ongoing research. Our aim is to determine the needs of each of the legitimate development organizations in the Northern Badia. With this information, BYU may be able to send students with other special skills to these various organizations.

Visiting the Byzantine/Umayyad-era Qasr Burqa near Ruweishid. Ruweishid is the last village before the Iraqi border (about 70 km from it).

Moses’ view from Mt. Nebo.
The River Jordan.
The supposed location of Jesus Christ’s Baptism.
Dead Sea muddin.’

My travels, work, research, and the string of random chance that runs through all of them land me in interesting places. Here are some pictures taken during the first half of my time in Jordan.


  1. I see this last photo on a future Wikipedia page detailing the life and exploits of Sir Robert Evan Bonn. Not only was he a philanthropist, but he had rippling pectorals and a hairdo that could give LIFE to even the DEAD sea! heh heh...heh

  2. What great pictures! Thanks for sharing. :)