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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Imsik Sharbak

Yes friends, I am the proud possessor of a month-long mustache. This majestic addition to my appearance is beautiful, I know. But don’t be fooled, masculine swank isn’t the only thing this bad boy brings to the table. My mustache’s aesthetic splendor is equaled by its functional utility. Besides serving as the ideal receptacle of savory morsels from meals passed, my mustache gives me Arab street cred.

In the Badia, most men over thirty-five have a mustache. In fact, mustaches have become so culturally valuable that an idiom linked to one’s word of honor has sprung up around them: “Imsak sharbak?,” or “hold your mustache?” The English equivalent is something like “Cross your heart and hope to die?” I figured that I need a mustache to hold in case my honor is ever put into question. Truthfully, most people tell me it looks bad and that I need to get rid of it. So, that’s what’s happening tomorrow morning.



  1. I don't think I am the only one who has been waiting for this post.

  2. But if you shave it, no one will trust you!!! "kathab!". Also, you're giving Tom Selleck a run for his money....
    -Sista Sarah

  3. I see they are having trouble with caterpillars over there. Looks like one crawled up on your lip and died!!

    Hope you are enjoying yourself over there. We are in El Paso taking care of her mom. She had a stroke and cannot be alone anymore.

    Have a good one my very good friend!!

  4. Not caterpillars... barking spiders. They followed. I finally understand what you were referring to in the message you sent me on facebook the other day.

  5. ok...if i had known about this mustache, I would have never let you get rid of it.